Rely on the certification services of our embassy to obtain visas with recognized documentation.

information about visas

*Please note that that individuals visiting Roatán via cruise ships are not required to obtain a Honduran visa, as Roatán operates as a free port. However, for travelers holding Canadian passports planning to stay in Honduras for a duration exceeding 90 days, it is necessary to obtain a visa.


-Tourist and/or Business Visa:  They are issued to foreigners who wish to travel to Honduras for recreational and/or business purposes and/or family reasons, who are holders of current or ordinary passports.

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 Simple: valid for an entry valid for 60 days. US$30.00 (Money Order)
 Multiple:  valid for multiple entries with validity of 1 year. US$60.00 (Money Order)

– Diplomatic visa:  They are extended to diplomatic and consular officials and other officials of foreign governments, as well as international organizations, holders of diplomatic passports.
  Value: Free


– Courtesy Visa: issued to people carrying special or service passports, current/ordinary, when traveling on an official mission as members of cultural or sports delegations, to service personnel of diplomatic or consular missions accredited in any of the territories. of the member countries of the CA-4 Convention and/or for those who work for an organization or institution such as the ICAO, Biological Diversity, IATA and who do not carry the Official passport, and who go to Honduras to carry out some official activity.
  Value: Free


– Official Visa:  consular officials, other public officials and international organization holders of official passports, UN Laissez-passer and OAS passports are issued to foreigners.
  Value: Free




-The applicant must necessarily appear for an interview with the consular agent, except in the cases indicated

-Applications received with incomplete information or documentation will not be processed.

Original documents and photocopies must be attached to your application.


-The visa that requires prior authorization from the Honduran immigration authorities may take approximately four to eight weeks for approval.

The Honduran embassy, ​​consular section, does not assume any responsibility for the decision made by the Honduran authorities.

-The validity of the single visa is 60 days and the multiple visa is valid for up to 1 year, counted from the date of issue. If an extension of stay is necessary, it can be requested in Honduras, at the Offices of the General Directorate of Population and Migration Policy.

-Possessing a visa does not guarantee the right of entry to the territories of the CA-4 countries, it is the Immigration authorities at the port of entry that have the final power to allow or deny entry to the country.

-Payment for the visa must be made in US dollars, by issuing a certified check or money order payable to the Embassy of Honduras Consular Section. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.

-In the event that the visa application is denied by the Honduran authorities, or if the applicant chooses to withdraw said application, the cost of the application is not refundable.

– The Consulate reserves the right to request any other document that supports the information requested in sections II, III and IV of the form.